ArtSaugey is first of all a family story. At first, a mother-son relationship that evolves into a master-apprentice and continues in a mutual constant and reciprocal apprenticeship, exchange.

Dyai learns the basics of painting and drawing from his mother. Following the ebb and flow of his motivations and questionings, he asks his mother about art and artistic creation, slowly forging his own path.

Then, with time, the technique improves, the idea of a more permanent collaboration appears, each one taking advantage of the work, ideas and reflections of the other. Starting from a desire to always discover, share and create, Francine and Dyai decide to set up ArtSaugey; A hybrid and virtual workshop where ideas can flourish, be modeled and exposed. Several projects are underway and each new work is influenced by the other.

Today, ArtSaugey is open to any art and artist wanting to share and co-create and thus expand our borders, the boundaries between the real and the unreal.

Feel, express, what is behind things, events … Expression of our emotions, feelings and perceptions.